Jeet Glass becomes preferred supplier of ballistic glass

After the starting of new facility to manufacture state of the art armoured glass, Jeet Glass has become the preferred supplier of ballistic glass for Mine Protected Vehicles manufactured by Ordnance Factory Board, India. Ordnance Factory is the largest and preferred supplier of various versions of Mine Protected Vehicles, and apart from supplying the Indian Defence Forces, exports as well.

Jeet glass will extend cooperation to Ordnance Factory Board for giving high quality ballistic glass, which they were deprived till now and have been experiencing difficulties with their previous vendors.

Jeet Glass Bullet proof glass products have been tested and approved by many Indian laboratories, as well as European laboratries as per EN 1063, STANAG 4569 and NIJ 0108.01 standards. Our bulletproof glass, apart from providing ballistic compliance, gives protection from climatic conditions making it a reliable glass to be used in extreme climatic conditions.

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