ISOLAR-GLAS® Multipact™ – D; Explosion Resistant Glass

Worldwide terrorism continue to take its toll in human lives! We realise that the loss of human life is most tragic result of these deplorable acts. But property damage also costs us millions. Isolar-Glas®-Multipact D™ can help reduce its costs. Apart from buildings, custom manufactured explosion resistant glasses are used in Oil Fields, Mining areas, and places where there is a risk of sudden explosions.

Arrangement of blasting explosion.
Left: Explosive Charge
Right: Multipact-D Glass pane in a steel frame

Multipact-D after explosion.
Closed Glass area.
Back side of glass remained intac

The following resistant classes are available:

Resistane Class Explosion Distance from middle of pane Type of explosive Explosive Quantity TNT Equivalent
D1 3.00 mtr. Geosit 3 1 kg. 1.2
D2 2.00 mtr. Geosit 3 1 kg. 1.2
D3 1.00 mtr. Geosit 3 1 kg. 1.2

Isolar-Glas Multipact-D: Explosion resistanct Glazing according to resistance classes:

Resistane Class Thickness (mm) Weight Additional Capacity
D1 11 23 A3
D2 16 40 A3
D3 37 72 A3
>D3 34 83 *