Up Armored Vehicles

At Jeet & Jeet, we have an immense reputation as the popular armored vehicles fabricator giving customised ballistic requirements, engineered to perfection, with highest level of plush interiors. Our vehicles are used for protecting leaders around the world, giving discreet protection to ministers of states, and VIPs.

Jeet & Jeet customises vehicle on customer given platforms, or can give completely built discreetly up armored vehicles.

The solutions are available on popular platforms including Mercedes Benz, Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Pajero, Mitsubishi Montero, and other brands. Some armored cars are available for sale.

The vehicles come with standard ballistic specifications, which include:

  • Ballistic protection of firewall
  • Bulletproof protection of all doors, including pillars protection and its strengthening
  • Bullet proof protection on cargo areas
  • Upgraded heavy duty hinges
  • Upgraded heavy duty suspension systems
  • Optional roof protection
  • Optional floor protection
  • Heavy duty run flat inserts
  • Energy absorbing floor
  • High quality optically clear ballistic glass

Available platforms:

  • Stretched uparmoured limousines
  • Discreetly uparmoured station wagons
  • Armoured SUVs
  • Armour protected saloons

The ballistic specifications are designed to customer requirements which is not limited but includes STANAG, VR7, and EN Standards. The other options include bespoke interiors, engineered protective equipments; run flat tires, fire suppression, and discreet firing ports.