Bullet Proof Glass

The modern world is under attack. Mobs, Guns, Bombs, Firearms and all manners of violence and mass destruction are a growing threat for East and West. One comprehensive level of protection comes in the form of transparent armour.

Multipact™ security glass is a carefully-developed laminated glass with simultaneous active and passive safety characteristics. It protects against:

• Vandalism and theft

Attacks: Our bulletproof glass offers protection against throw-through, breakthrough, shoot-through and explosives, all according to STANAG 4569, NIJ 0108.01, UL 752, EN 1063, DIN 52290 or any other international standard.

Injuries: When the glass shatters, the shards stick to a special intermediate layer, thus preventing lacerations and potentially serious injuries.

Multipact™ security glass is a combination of float glass using transparent PVB and polycarbonate laminated to glass, or may be replaced with proprietary laminating materials depending on user requirements.

The thicknesses, flexibility of temperate variations, humidity resistance depends on various materials used whilst manufacturing of laminate. If any requirements, not listed can be manufactured.

Our transparent armour is widely used in strategic Military units, Military vehicles, uparmoured vehicles, Civilian buildings, Civil bulletproof vehicles, and in Marine applications.