The meet the ever-growing menace of terrorism and asymmetric warfare we offer a variety of specialized armoured vehicles for sale to India and the world.

We have already emerged as an industry leader in the supplying of special up armoured vehicles, and providing optimized solutions to nations and security forces and meet their specific needs.

We fabricate the finest of armoured vehicles, after having studied the inputs from our Nation's defenders. These offer seating options to seat from 5 to 20 armed personnel, and can engineered be meet various threat levels which includes NATO STANAG Level I and II and upto EN 1063 B7. We also offer options for multiple 360 degrees rotatable turrets, CTIS, Run flat tyres. Our product range includes the best and proven ballistic solutions to transport troops with confidence to defeat the menace of terrorism.

Apart from providing solutions to the end customer, we facilitate in providing practical solutions to many OEMs in a step to make this a safer world.

As leading armoured vehicle manufacturers, we also offer specific solutions for low Intensity conflict areas, for easing of transportability of personnel and vital equipment, along with special bullet proof Ambulances.

Due to the vital secrecy needs to protect the details our armoured military vehicles for sale, which can be configured to meet your exact needs, we ask you get in touch with us with your specific requirements.